Top Five Dangers to Your House

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Here we have compiled a list of the most common and top 5 Hidden dangers in your house that you might not have any idea about it, we will discuss about the risks and how to overcome them so you can keep yourself your family and your valuables safe.

  • Water Damage

Many people think about hurricane water damage and heavy rain when they think about it. However, according to Travelers Claim data from 2009-2015, more property losses resulted from non-weather water claims than weather-related water claims*. Of those non-weather water claims, 53% involve plumbing-related losses such as pipes, drains, and valves. Learn more about common causes of water damage and the steps you can take to avoid damage to water.

  • Weather-Related Roof/Flashing Damage

Wind, hail and weather-related water damage accounted for more than half, or 51 %, of all travelers ‘ property loss claims between 2009 and 2015. Snow-weighted limbs and branches falling and freezing rain can cause roof / flashing damage. It is a good idea to inspect trees on your property to help prevent damage from falling tree limbs. In the winter months, learning how to identify and remove ice dams can also help you avoid costly damage.

  • Frozen Pipe Damage

Frozen water pipes can lead to catastrophic losses. Water damage associated with the weather is the five most expensive claims on the list of travelers. The good news is that you can take steps to prevent the freezing of your pipes by identifying pipes that are at greatest risk and taking steps to help isolate them before winter arrives. You may consider using a smart thermostat during the winter to manage and monitor your heat setting at a safe level to help prevent freezing and to receive notifications if the temperature drops unexpectedly in your home.

  • Theft

Theft on premises lists the leading causes of property loss claims. You can take many steps to help make your home less attractive to theft, including security-related landscaping, adding outdoor lighting, and creating a plan to make your home look busy while you’re away. There are a number of ways to monitor your home, including smart home alarm systems, to help minimize the theft potential.

  • Fire

Although fires do not occur as frequently as other incidents around the home, according to the 2009-2015 Travelers Claim data, the damage they can cause puts fire in the top five most expensive claim types. Fire and related costs accounted for 23 percent of claims as measured by expenses paid out. Of the known causes of fire, electrical causes accounted for 15% of fire losses. Learn more about the potential dangers of overloading electrical outlets and circuits, and how to help protect your home.