What to do in a car collision event: a checklist step-by-step

Car collisions often occur within a blink of an eye, catching off guard many people, leaving them wondering what to do afterwards. For drivers of all levels of experience, it is common to overlook important details and critical information necessary to avoid delays in the claims process.Mercury Insurance has developed a checklist to help drivers gather vital information... just download the checklist, print it out and…

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8 Driving Life Hacks That Will Save You Gas Money

Regular use of the car entails considerable fuel costs. In addition, there is a direct link between mileage and maintenance service frequency.Bright Side put together 8 life hacks that will help you to cut not only fuel but also maintenance costs.8. Don’t put the…

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Truck Zone Safety

It can be a tough – and dangerous – job to drive a large truck. Compared to the average American car's 3,0001, weighing up to 80,000 pounds, the size of a tractor-trailer increases brake distance, can block visibility for other drivers and poses unique challenges for everybody who shares the road.Staying safe on the road is not the responsibility of the truck driver alone. In fact, the car was at fault in 78 percent of car accidents.2 Drivers should learn to avoid the truck zone and drive around big trucks safely. Renee Lawson, travelers specialist, shows you how this video is about.Watch “Avoiding the Truck Zone”¹ Highway Loss Data Institute, www.hldi.org² Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, https://www.vtti.vt.edu/moreinformation/sharing-the-road.html3www.travelers.com

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Cooking Fire Safety

Cooking has been the most common cause of home structure fires and home fire-related injuries for a long time and continues to be. Whether you're preparing a family dinner or a quick snack, safe cooking behaviors can help you and your family stay safe.Never leave your range or cooktop unattended while cooking. Turn off your range or cooktop if you need to leave the room.Wear short, close-fitting or tightly rolled sleeves. Loose clothing can hang on hot surfaces, and when it comes into contact with a gas flame or electric burner, it can catch fire.Keep your cooking area…

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