9 Tips to pack your car when going for a vacation

As per the United States Transportation Department 9 out of 10 Americans prefer to drive to their travel destinations, therefor when the summer approaches and the thoughts of hitting the road comes up remember that safe driving begins even before leaving the driveway. If you’re among those whose are planning to go for a vacation and hit the road remember The safe package for your car’s long drive requires secure luggage, vehicle balance and keeping clear visual lines from the driver’s seat.

Here are the 9 tips which will help you pack your car safely.

  1. First load heavy items like suitcases and make sure they are loaded towards the center. Lighter items such as coolers, beach bags and groceries can be packed on top of heavier items and on the sides.
  2. Make sure the weight is distributed evenly, unfair weight will cause instability in the event of an accident and increases the chances of tipping the car.
  3. Make sure to not pack too high – doing so hinders the drivers sight of view through mirror. In addition to that if for any reason the car stops suddenly, items which are packed too high may fall off and injure those who are on the back seat.
  4. Make sure all cargo is fully secured when loading any rooftop or auxiliary cargo. During driving, the wind created could exceed 75 mph equivalent to a Category 1 hurricane.
  5. Make sure to be aware of your cargo height so you don’t drive adherently to a low overhang
  6. If your using a detachable cargo platform on the back of your car, make sure you do not forget when your backing up it is there.
  7. Be sure to check the instruction manual of your manufacturer to confirm to do not exceed the roof top or cargo platform load rating.
  8. When towing a trailer, make sure that it is in top condition i.e. (lights, tires, wheels, etc.) use safety chains and check the trailer periodically during the journey.
  9. Pack only the necessary items for the journey since stopping heavy cars can take longer.