7 free apps every road tripper should use

You are currently viewing 7 free apps every road tripper should use

We are living in an age that there is a common saying “there is an app for everything” there are a ton of apps for road trippers which makes finding the right app for your next trip troublesome, here we will be sharing our favorite must have apps for your next road trip whether your exploring the country by car, motorcycle or RV the below compiled apps will come in handy.

  1. GAS BUDDY as their moto says “Gas Buddy connects drivers to their Pit Stop” their application has a growing database of 150.000 gas stations, convenience stores, station locations and offerings but the one thing that makes Gas Buddy stand up is their applications ability to show you the real time prices of gas, so use Gas Buddy application and never again throw away money and find the best prices according your location.
  2. National Parks We have 59 National Parks in United States and each one is worth a visit using The Chimani National Parks application provides a comprehensive guide to all the entities in our National Parks, monuments, historic parks, battlefields and more using their map view you can easily locate the sites in your area.
  3. AllTrails is an application for the hikers, campers and runners they have a growing database of 75.000+ trails which gives you access to the country’s most unforgettable natural areas. In addition to that without noticing you can get a workout The AllTrails app collected recognized hiking trails with reviews, photos and difficulty levels. The free version is highly functional, but by going pro, you can get custom maps and offline access.
  4. TVFOODMAPS This is an application for the ones who’ve worked an appetite by hiking it’s a mouthwatering application that guides to restaurants that you’ve seen and loved on TV Shows such as “Diners, Drive-ins, Drives” “Bizarre Foods” enter a destination or allow your location to show restaurants near you.
  5. YELP One of the most popular apps on this list and without it there would be no complete list of roadtripping apps. Their moto is “To connect people with great local businesses” this crowdsourced review tool is used by millions everyday YELP is more than restaurants and can be used to find anything you want just take the reviews with a grain of salt since I use it so much, knowing people with bad experiences are quicker to leave reviews than people with good experiences. I also know what a dining experience I personally “make.” For instance, I’m willing to overlook a faux pas customer service for the best city food, so I’m not as concerned about negative customer service reviews.
  6. Roadtrippers If you use this app you’re on your way to finding amazingdiscoveries just by adding your start and end points. Roadtrippers include everything from filming to haunted locations to scenic drives.
  7. Tripadvisor TripAdvisor is another resource you’ve heard about before, the last app on our list. the app is much more functional. Just like Yelp, due to its huge user base, TripAdvisor is valuable. Because there are so many reviews, the ratings of stars are more accurate and more information is available to allow you to make the best decision with limited time. TripAdvisor is specialized in ratings for food, hotels and activities. I tend to use Yelp for food, and save TripAdvisor to find things to do. There’s a list available for every city you visit, in order of popularity.